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Construction company apparent victim of employee fraud

Employers should always do proper background checks in order to avoid hiring dishonest and untrustworthy individuals. However, things do not always go as planned, and employers in California often end up hiring exactly those types of people. This may have been what happened to one construction company recently when it became a victim of employee fraud.

The construction company's former employee claimed that an injury sustained while working had caused him to be unable to work. This resulted in an injured worker claim being filed and the man receiving more than $10,000 in disability benefits via workers' compensation insurance. However, it turns out that the man may have been committing fraud in order to receive the benefits. The man now faces criminal charges, for which he will have to answer in a court of law.

Injured worker claim turns into wrongful death suit in California

There are certain substances in this world that can make a person ill. Sometimes a substance can even cause death. Unfortunately, it turns out one construction worker was repeatedly exposed to a substance without knowing its dangers, and he ended up dying from the effects of asbestos in California. This resulted in an injured worker claim and a prolonged legal dispute between the worker's family and his employer.

The problem started when the worker decided to take home some scrap material from various work sites over the years. The man worked for Ameron International Corp., a pipe manufacturing company. He was an employee of Ameron from 1961 to 1985. It turned out that the scrap material he was taking home contained asbestos, resulting in the man contracting mesothelioma, which eventually caused his death.

Employer defense may help paper mill after fatal accident

Death can be an uneasy thing to deal with when people come face to face with it. This can be especially difficult when it occurs unexpectedly. Industrial work sites are notorious for being particularly dangerous in California. One employer may need an employer defense following a recent fatal industrial accident that could result in an injured worker claim. The employer immediately brought in counselors in order to help workers cope with the sudden death of a co-worker.

The incident occurred at a paper mill in mid-September and resulted in one worker dead. The 52-year-old industrial worker had been working in the shipping department as an equipment helper. The details of what had happened have yet to be released to the public by investigators and authorities. The woman who had been with the company since 1991 was pronounced dead at the scene of the industrial accident.

Construction company may face injured worker claim after accident

One cannot plan for everything. There will always be a chance that something unexpected will occur. This also includes any type of workplace in California. However, sometimes the unexpected can result in a workplace injury that could ultimately lead to an injured worker claim. This can be a potential problem for many employers.

This may turn out to be the case following a recent workplace accident that occurred at a construction site. The incident happened in mid-September after a construction worker had suffered what is reported to be a potentially serious injury. Much of the details of the construction accident have yet to be released to the public by authorities.

Employer defense can save money for any company in California

Industrial workers perform important tasks that many depend upon on a daily basis in California. This is why it is unfortunate when an industrial accident occurs that causes injury to an industrial worker. It is even worse when an accident results in the death of an employee. These types of situations can easily result in an injured worker claim, which could prompt an employer to form an employer defense strategy.

It turns out this is what happened recently in a fatal industrial accident that left one worker dead. The 32-year-old man had been working as the manager of a truck service shop. The company, 275 Truck Service, is a truck service and repair center where the man had been working for approximately three years. The accident occurred in early September, according to reports released by authorities to the public.

Supermarket faces OSHA citations, employer defense may be useful

Employers should always do what they can to prevent workplace accidents from occurring. However, despite an employer's best efforts, there is always a possibility of something unexpected occurring that could prompt citations for work safety violations. In this case, an employer defense strategy may be useful in California.

One supermarket chain is now in the middle of this type of situation. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has proposed to fine the company almost $190,000. OSHA is accusing Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. of repeated violations of work safety regulations, which OSHA believes contributed to causing two major worker injuries suffered by Wegmans's employees earlier in the year.

Employer defense may help minimize liabilities in California

There are various factors that could increase the dangers of a workplace. Construction sites are notorious for being full of dangers that could potentially cause a workplace injury resulting in an injured worker claim. Employer defense is one option that could help an employer minimize the financial damage caused by a claim filed by a worker hurt on the job in California.

One employer may have to deal with a potential workers' compensation insurance claim following a fatal accident one morning in early September. The incident involved an electrician who was working at a construction site. The man had fallen from a five-foot platform. Apparently, the man was still holding onto a high voltage wire when he fell, according to reports released to the public by authorities.

Beauty queen sentenced for commiting employee fraud

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, whether a workplace injury is legitimate is a more objective type of determination in California. It turns out one former beauty queen is finding this out the hard way. She just pleaded guilty to employee fraud and has been formally sentenced for committing workers' compensation fraud.

Apparently the former beauty queen had competed in several pageants while she received benefits via workers' compensation for a fractured toe. The woman had reported that she suffered a fractured toe after working at a supermarket as a clerk in March 2014. During multiple visits to the doctor, the woman claimed she was not able to put any weight on her foot. She also claimed she was not able to wear a shoe for any significant amount of time.

Beer brewing accident could result in injured worker claim

California readers may have heard about a woman working at a beer brewing company in another state who was badly burned in a recent workplace accident. The woman had earned several awards as a beer brewer and was working as the head brewer at Edge Brewing Co. It remains to be seen if she will file an injured worker claim as a result of the incident.

The accident occurred in mid-July when the woman was working on a batch of a popular ale beer at the company's brewery and restaurant location. As the 36-year-old woman was tending to a brew kettle, the liquid in the kettle boiled over. The molten liquid sprayed the woman on her right side. She was forced to spend almost a month in a burn unit at a local hospital while undergoing several skin graft operations.

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