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Determining validity of injured worker claim in California

Often, the best way employers can fight against employee fraud is to prevent it from happening in the first place. California employers will want to inform their employees that any false injured worker claim will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Sometimes, this is all it takes to prevent fraud from occurring.

Even when precautionary measures are implemented, some employers still find themselves faced with situations where workers attempt to defraud the system by misrepresenting their injuries. If a worker claims that an injury took place on the job, but an employer suspects otherwise, a request for assistance from an attorney may help determine whether fraud has taken place. Sacks & Zolonz, LLP has decades of experience representing employer clients and insurance companies throughout the state.

California employers can fight workers' compensation fraud

Misrepresenting an injury that one claims took place on the job is illegal. Many California employers are forced to deal with workers' compensation fraud in the workplace. Workers who defraud the system can ultimately cause employers to suffer financially through increased premiums and additional expenses.

False injury claims and other forms of workers' comp fraud remain problematic in many businesses throughout the United States. It is believed that the state incurs costs between $1 billion and $3 billion every year due to such incidents. In an effort to reduce these instances of fraud, the governor recently signed a bill into law.

California takes action against those who defraud employers

Some California workers might be surprised when their workers' compensation claims are regarded with suspicion. Sadly, this is because many workers try to defraud employers. According to the California Department of Insurance, between $1 and $3 billion are drained from the state's coffers by workers' compensation fraud every year.

Several cases of employee fraud have resulted in recent court cases and restitution orders of tens of thousands of dollars. A man who is suspected of such fraud was recently arraigned in Orange County. His arrest followed one of many investigations into suspected cases of workers' compensation fraud.

Handyman commits employee fraud for 5 years

California employers must carry workers' compensation insurance to provide coverage for injured workers. Unfortunately, there are some employees who take advantage of this by filing fraudulent claims. Such employee fraud can set back company finances as every claim brings about an increase in the monthly premium.

A man in another state was recently charged and found guilty of such fraud. A report about the case says the man was receiving temporary total disability benefits from the workers' compensation insurance fund. This was after he claimed to have suffered a workplace injury that was serious enough to debilitate him for some time.

Be alert for workers' compensation fraud in California

California employers have their hands full when it comes to monitoring the actions of employees in the workplace on a daily basis. In addition to making sure that all workers are properly trained and are offered insurance that provides benefits to workers injured on the job, they also typically want to take steps to avoid such problems in the first place. There may be several things an employer can do to lessen the chances of workers' compensation fraud occurring.

Discussion may go a long way when it comes to preventing workplace fraud. Explaining the ins and outs of the system to workers may help deter illicit behavior. Employers can tell workers that fraud indirectly affects the whole company because it may cause increased premiums further down the line. If a business owner continually has to pay higher premiums, he or she may decide to make up the loss by cutting salaries or laying off workers.

Former corrections officer suspect in fake injured worker claim

If an employee is filing for compensation benefits due to an injury, then that injury typically has to have occurred on the job. Saying that one was hurt in the workplace if that is not true, then collecting benefits, is illegal. In addition to any criminal charges that might be filed, a California employer has rights and can fight against a fraudulent injured worker claim in the workplace. It may be best to first discuss such situations with an experienced legal advocate.

A former correctional officer recently became suspect in just such a scheme. Apparently, the man was with his wife at a swingers' nightclub. At some point, there seems to have been an argument between him and his wife and two other patrons. During the altercation, a gun was reportedly fired. The former officer suffered bullet injuries and became paralyzed as a result of the gunshot wound.

Teacher accused of workers' compensation fraud after fight

Employers in California and all other states have the right to fight against fraud in the workplace. Workers' compensation fraud can cause employers to suffer financial strain through increased premiums, as well as impede production and business success. Lying about an injury is a common form of employment fraud that can be challenging for employers to combat. Often, aggressive investigation and litigation skills are necessary to obtain successful results in court.

A recent incident made the news when a teacher in another state was arrested on suspicion of insurance fraud after a physical altercation with a student. The 61-year-old instructor was arrested by detectives on the job at a juvenile detention center. Supposedly, the man had filed a workers' comp claim after a reported fight with a 17-year-old student at the facility.

California cop suspected of filing false injured worker claim

One does not typically expect a law enforcement officer to act outside the law with regard to suffering an injury on the job. However, that seems to be the situation in a recent California case where a former officer has been under investigation for suspicion of filing a false injured worker claim. The claim was apparently filed in 2014.

It is reportedly not the first time law enforcement officials from this particular California department have come under legal scrutiny and public controversy. In fact, there is currently an interim chief in service due to the previous chief's suspicious handling of certain financial matters. The former cop currently facing possible time in prison had served three years on the department's law enforcement team before taking leave for disability.

Employee fraud apparent problem in Southern California

Most California employers understand the need to provide workers' compensation coverage for the benefit of workers who are injured on the job. It can be very frustrating for employers who adhere to all regulations that govern such matters to learn that a worker has been deceptive regarding an injury claim. Employee fraud remains problematic in many areas, and employers are advised to protect their rights by taking legal action against fraudulent workers.

A recent incident involved a woman who worked in a school cafeteria. She is accused of collecting more than $30,000 in payments for disability and medical treatments to which she was not entitled. The 50-year-old was arrested after authorities claimed she misrepresented her mental condition and alleged physical injuries.

California chiropractor accused of workers' compensation fraud

California employers are obligated to provide insurance to workers through which they can claim benefits to help pay medical bills and replace lost wages when injured on the job. Employers have the right to protect themselves against workers' compensation fraud. This type of fraud can adversely affect business success in a variety of ways, such as when it results in increased insurance premiums for which employers must bear the costs.

When a third party conducts illicit workers' compensation fraud schemes that involve personal financial gain, the situation can trickle back to an employer who ends up having to pay higher premiums. A recent situation involved a chiropractor in the area who is known for providing care to employees injured in the workplace. However, he has been accused of paying other people $100 every time they "recruit" an injured worker to come to him for services. Allegations of unnecessary surgeries and substandard treatment have been made against him and other medical professionals.

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