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Signs of workers' compensation fraud

If you are an employer in California, you want to maintain a safe and fair working environment for your employees, but some people may try to take advantage of you. Unfortunately, some employees file false workers' compensation claims in order to avoiding paying for an injury sustained elsewhere, or to get undeserved time off work. We at Sacks and Zolonz recognize the pressure employers have to discern between legitimate and fraudulent claims, and we stand ready to help you when dishonesty does occur.

What is a malingerer and how do you spot one?

If you are in charge of managing your California company’s workers’ compensation and disability cases, you may already be aware of the threat that a malingerer presents. A person who falls under this label is usually guilty of exaggerating their symptoms in hopes of receiving more compensation. They may even make a completely false claim of injury.

How does CA deal with workers’ compensation fraud?

For employers in California, workers’ compensation fraud can be a real issue. Fortunately, the state recognizes just how damaging this type of fraud can be to businesses and the public at large, and as a result has devised methods for dealing with workers who engage in nefarious practices regarding workplace injuries.

Red flags of employee fraud

When it comes to workers’ compensation, there are several different ways an employee could be committing fraud. The California Department of Insurance states that some of the most common examples include lying about the ability to work, extent of the injury or place where the injury occurred. Medical professionals can also join an employee in fraudulent activities by billing for service that was not provided or giving more treatment than is necessary. There are several red flags that employers can watch for to indicate that dishonest activity may be occurring.

Types of workers’ compensation fraud

When it comes to jobsite injuries, worker’s compensation can allow employees to heal without suffering financially. It can also give scammers the opportunity to make money by fraud rather than legitimate injury. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud reports that there are several different ways for criminals to take advantage of the system.

Man could spend a decade in prison for employee fraud

Many married couples share vehicles, bank accounts, and even income. While such practices may be typical in California and elsewhere, there are certain actions that may be unethical and illegal. For instance, it is never okay to use one's spouse's Social Security Number to collect income; this would be considered employee fraud.

Facing employee fraud head-on in California

California employers are at risk for increased premiums when workers claim benefits to which they are not entitled. Employee fraud is problematic in many companies. It exists in many forms, and astute employers are sometimes able to stop it in its tracks before too much damage is done.

Putting a halt to employee fraud in California

The last thing a California employer needs is to be taken for a ride by a worker filing a false injury claim. Employee fraud is a huge problem in many areas. Employers will want to arm themselves against such illicit behaviors by staying updated on state and federal laws, as well as maintaining close monitoring of the workplace.

Employee fraud continues to be problematic in California

It is unlawful to collect benefits through a workers' compensation claim if one is not entitled to them. Such employee fraud continues to plague many California employers. Schemes often involve false injury reports or exaggeration of the severity of injuries suffered in on-the-job accidents. 

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