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Bill closing work comp loophole for pro athletes approved by Assembly committee

The matchup between team owners and former professional athletes over reform of the workers' compensation system here in California now sits at 1-0 after an important committee vote held in Sacramento earlier this week.

Former athletes gather in Sacramento to speak out against bill closing work comp loophole

Last month, Assemblyman Henry Perea (D-Fresno) unveiled legislation designed to amend the state labor code such that the legal loophole allowing professional athletes from out-of-state organizations to seek work comp benefits here in California would be effectively closed.

State lawmaker introduces bill closing work comp loophole for out-of-state athletes

A few weeks ago, we discussed how thousands of former professional athletes have been filing work comp claims in California since the 1980s despite having ever played only a few games here.

Lawmakers in southwestern state block bill concerning intoxication and work comp benefits

In a very interesting workers' compensation defense story out of New Mexico, state legislators recently voted down a bill designed to grant judges the ability to deny work comp benefits to intoxicated employees.

Are state lawmakers looking to limit the ability of out-of-state athletes to file work comp claims?

Nearly 100 years ago, the state of California established its workers' compensation system in an attempt to provide much-needed support to those who suffered serious work injuries. While the system has, of course, undergone a major transformation since the early 1900s -- evolving into a $12 billion industry -- it's underlying principle has remained the same: any person employed in California for any period of time may seek benefits to cover their medical expenses and work-related disabilities.

Are employers paying $1 billion a week in work comp costs?

Every day, hundreds of thousands of employers here in California and across the United States lose significant amounts of money because of serious workplace injuries. But how much money are they losing exactly? Believe it or not, it can sometimes be difficult to find comprehensive statistics reflecting the true costs of these workplace injuries.

Researchers explore the degree to which obesity affects the workplace

In our previous post, we discussed a recent study that examined the price differential between standard work comp claims and work comp claims involving certain employee comorbidities, meaning a work comp claim plus a condition like obesity, hypertension, drug abuse, etc. Here, the study revealed that the costs of work comp claims involving employee comorbidities were nearly double those of standard work comp claims.

Study: Comorbidities can greatly increase work comp costs

Countless studies have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt how serious medical conditions like obesity, hypertension and diabetes can have a serious impact on the bottom line of employers. However, a recently released study reveals that these chronic medical conditions can also have a serious impact on their workers' compensation costs.

Report reveals that work comp fraud continues to be a problem for U.S. insurance companies

In workers compensation defense news, a recently released report from Deloitte, one of the world's premier consulting groups, made some rather intriguing findings concerning the growing incidence of workers' compensation/employee fraud over the last several years.

No work comp benefits for server who choked on quesadilla

In workers' compensation defense news, a Virginia appeals court recently decided a rather interesting issue: whether a waiter who suffered serious injuries while choking on a quesadilla at a company food tasting is eligible for work comp benefits.

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