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Ex-cop pleads guilty to two counts of work comp fraud, pays $70,000 in restitution

Those men and women who serve as police officers here in the state of California deserve our utmost appreciation for their hard and dangerous work. In fact, it's important to understand that due to the inherently strenuous nature of their job, many of these police officers are susceptible to a multitude of serious and altogether debilitating work injuries.

State lawmaker introduces bill closing work comp loophole for out-of-state athletes

A few weeks ago, we discussed how thousands of former professional athletes have been filing work comp claims in California since the 1980s despite having ever played only a few games here.

California restaurateurs facing serious work comp fraud charges

The state of California is very serious when it comes to employers and their legal obligation to maintain workers' compensation insurance coverage. To illustrate, those employers found to be lacking valid work comp coverage are viewed as uninsured and subject to not only a "Stop Notice and Penalty Assessment" from the California Labor Commissioner, but fines of $1,500 per employee (up to a maximum of $100,000).

Are state lawmakers looking to limit the ability of out-of-state athletes to file work comp claims?

Nearly 100 years ago, the state of California established its workers' compensation system in an attempt to provide much-needed support to those who suffered serious work injuries. While the system has, of course, undergone a major transformation since the early 1900s -- evolving into a $12 billion industry -- it's underlying principle has remained the same: any person employed in California for any period of time may seek benefits to cover their medical expenses and work-related disabilities.

All eyes on Sacramento as deadline to introduce work comp related bills only hours away

The California State Assembly and State Senate made history last year when they passed Senate Bill 863 on the last day of the legislative session. The bill marked the first time since 2004 that state lawmakers choose to initiate a massive overhaul of the state's billion dollar work comp system.

Are employers paying $1 billion a week in work comp costs?

Every day, hundreds of thousands of employers here in California and across the United States lose significant amounts of money because of serious workplace injuries. But how much money are they losing exactly? Believe it or not, it can sometimes be difficult to find comprehensive statistics reflecting the true costs of these workplace injuries.

Riverside County DA charges pool company owner with multiple counts of work comp fraud

Uninsured employers, meaning those who fail to carry the necessary amount of workers' compensation coverage in the state of California, face a multitude of penalties from steep fines and the loss of a professional license to possible incarceration.

No contest plea submitted in workers' compensation fraud case in California

Workers' compensation fraud is a very serious matter. Employers can suffer great harm when their employees engage in such fraud. No employer should have to be subjected to such wrongful conduct.

Former DMV employee convicted of disability fraud given jail time

In general, if an employee of the state of California suffers a serious injury or illness that leaves them unable to perform their duties for a permanent or undetermined duration, they may apply for monthly disability retirement or industrial disability retirement benefits via the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS).

CWCI report examines prevalence, expenses of joint pain-related work injuries

Last February, the California Workers' Compensation Institute announced that it would be releasing so-called "Industry Score Cards" over the course of the next few years.

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