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Update: California woman faces 10 counts of work comp fraud for feigning ankle injury

Whether they suffer a back injury while picking up a box, break their leg after falling off a ladder or develop a wrist injury after extensive data entry, injured employees here in California can turn to their workers' compensation insurer for the financial assistance they will need during their recovery.

WCIRB recommends no increase in work comp case rates

In recent workers' compensation defense news, the organization that advises California's Insurance Commissioner on workers' compensation base rates recently made a very interesting recommendation.

Work comp benefits denied to prison guard injured while traveling to work a swapped shift - II

In our previous post, we examined a recent workers' compensation case before the California Court of Appeals, which examined whether an employee who suffered injuries in a car accident on his way to work a swapped shift is entitled to work comp benefits.

California compensation fraud investigations prosper

Newly released figures from the National Insurance Crime Bureau put annual worker's compensation fraud costs at $7.2 billion, or about 20 percent of all worker's compensation payments. With one out of every five dollars paid in compensation being consumed by employee fraud, and competition tougher than ever, businesses' bottom lines have no room for payouts to fabricated claims.

Work comp benefits denied to prison guard injured while traveling to work a swapped shift

A recent workers' compensation case before the California Court of Appeals explored a very interesting issue: whether an employee who suffered serious injuries in a car accident on his way to work a swapped shift is entitled to work comp benefits.

Experts offer tips on increasing workplace productivity, decreasing work injuries

Now that Thanksgiving is nearly here, the weather will soon begin to change from sunny and seasonable to cloudy and cold in many parts of the country. This phenomenon is not just confined to the Midwest and the East Coast, though, as many of us here in Southern California will see lower temperatures, gray skies and increased rainfall over the next few months.

Southern California concrete plant the scene of two tragic accidents in three months

Earlier this week, a concrete plant here in Southern California was the scene of a shocking industrial accident that left one worker dead and another seriously injured. In fact, inspectors with the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) are now working frantically to determine why this incident occurred and why it is the second time in only three months that a worker has been maimed at this same facility.

California county taking fight against work comp fraud to the streets

As we've explored in previous discussions, counties throughout the state routinely receive grant money from the California Department of Insurance and other organizations to fight workers' compensation fraud. For the most part, this money goes toward funding investigations and prosecutions. However, one California county is using these funds to literally take the fight against work comp fraud to the streets.

Cal/OSHA issues health hazard alert to wineries concerning ammonia refrigeration systems

When residents of Southern California need to get away for awhile, many of them jump into their cars and head north to wine country. Here, they can take a break from the hectic pace of life in the big city, enjoy the scenery and, of course, visit the region's many wineries. In fact, if you were to ask anyone on one of these weekend excursions what their dream job would be, many of them would probably look out at the rows of grapes and answer "working right here."

Update: California school district sees seventh case of work comp fraud

Back in April, we discussed how the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District in Industry was being plagued by repeat occurrences of work comp fraud over a relatively short amount of time. Specifically, we examined how six district employees have faced criminal charges for lying about their work injuries since 2011.

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