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Are prospects for major California work comp proposal fading after release of WCIRB report?

In an update to an important workers' compensation defense story, state lawmakers are now actively considering whether to pass a sizeable bill calling for major work comp reform in the remaining week of the legislative session.

How a few simple and affordable steps can reduce work comp costs

It's a situation that plays out countless times a day in workplaces here in California and across the nation. An employee trips and falls over a misplaced object or an employee strains their back while attempting to lift a heavy box. While you may think that there is little you can do as an employer to prevent these types of work injuries -- meaning they are simply a cost of doing business -- you'd be wrong.

Major California work comp proposal facing legislative roadblocks

In workers' compensation defense news, the halls of the California State Capitol Building are currently abuzz over whether state lawmakers will consider a rather significant work comp proposal in the remaining few weeks of the legislative session.

OSHA, NIOSH warning employers about dangers of silica exposure in fracking industry

Over the last decade, one of the more controversial environmental issues throughout much of the country has been fracking. For those unfamiliar with fracking, it is essentially a process whereby energy companies break up rock formations via high-pressure injections of water and other chemicals to free oil and gases deposits.

Study: California reform limiting prices for MD-dispensed drugs is a success

A recently released study by the Workers Compensation Research Institute examined one of the more hot-button questions in the area of workers' compensation defense law: Should states should enact legislation/regulations limiting the prices paid for drugs dispensed by physicians?

California woman faces 10 counts of work comp fraud for feigning ankle injury

If employees suffer serious work injuries, they can rely on their employer's workers' compensation insurer for the financial assistance they will need during their recovery. Unfortunately, employee fraud is still a common occurrence, meaning some employees will exaggerate or even fabricate injuries in order to collect work comp benefits.

CWCI study discovers drop in certain prescriptions for injured workers

In previous posts, we've discussed how state lawmakers, health officials, employer/employee advocacy groups and the general public are all becoming increasingly concerned over the high rate at which prescriptions for narcotic painkillers are being issued to those who have suffered serious work injuries here in California.

Statewide sweep targeting work comp fraud results in 104 enforcement actions

Earlier this year, our blog discussed how multiple agencies in the state of California were officially joining forces to crack down on the so-called "underground economy," meaning both uninsured employers, and those employers who abuse state employment and work comp laws.

Study explores impact of injuries on employers

Researchers from a variety of renowned institutions recently released a study examining the persistent injury threats to Americans, and ranking the individual states regarding their efforts to reduce these injury threats.

California counties receive millions to combat work comp fraud

There is no question that employees who suffer serious and incapacitating work injuries will need financial support to help make ends meet while they heal. Fortunately, these employees are legally entitled to such financial support via their employers' workers' compensation insurance.

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