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Keeping landscaping employees safe

The long, hot summer is finally here, meaning landscaping companies across California are ramping up their operations for what promises to be another busy season. From pruning tree lines and installing retaining walls to laying sod and planting flowers, the owners and operators of these landscaping companies should take care to implement the necessary safety steps to prevent serious work injuries.

State Senate passes bill to prevent overpayment for spinal surgery devices

In workers' compensation defense news, the California State Senate recently passed a new law that is expressly designed to cut work comp costs and reduce duplicative payments associated with spinal surgery.

CWCI study explores true costs of increased drug testing of injured workers

In previous workers' compensation defense posts, we've discussed how state lawmakers, health officials and employer/employee advocacy groups are all growing increasingly concerned about the rate at which prescriptions for narcotic painkillers are being issued to injured workers here in California.

Study examines impact of OSHA inspections on work safety, work comp costs

For the past four decades, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has come under fire from both organized labor groups and business interests. The former asserts that the federal agency is consistently failing to take the necessary steps to prevent work injuries, while the latter asserts that the federal agency imposes unnecessary costs through inspections and regulations.

WCIRB recommends 4.1 percent increase in work comp case rates

In recent workers' compensation defense news, the organization that advises California's insurance commissioner on workers' compensation base rates is currently pushing a substantial rate increase.

Investigators use high-tech methods to combat work comp fraud

As has been made abundantly clear in our blog, employers -- both public and private -- are routinely victimized by instances of employee fraud in which the employee makes misrepresentations regarding the severity or symptoms of their injury. Fortunately, many of these unscrupulous employees are apprehended by law enforcement officials and held accountable for their actions.

Study reveals interesting trends in construction sector

A recently published study in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine reveals some dramatic differences among the 50 states concerning the rate of nonfatal work injuries versus fatal work injuries in the construction sector.

California medical billing company facing work comp fraud charges

The majority of our workers' compensation defense posts discussing work comp fraud have to do with employees accused of engaging in some sort of deceptive behavior in order to secure benefits or employers accused of failing to provide employees the necessary amount of work comp coverage.

California Highway Patrol officer charged with work comp fraud

As has been made clear in previous posts, employers of all sizes in all industries and in both public and private sectors must remain vigilant when it comes to potentially fraudulent and frivolous work comp claims. In fact, one of the more common instances of this type of employee fraud is misrepresentations by the employee regarding the severity or symptoms of their injury.

California school district sees multiple cases of work comp fraud

From office employees and medical professionals to landscapers and construction workers, it's not unusual to read stories about employee fraud/work comp fraud occurring here in California. What is far more unusual, however, is to read stories about one particular company or employer being plagued by repeat occurrences of work comp fraud over a relatively short amount of time.

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