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Fullerton man facing multiple felony charges for work comp fraud

Under California law, there can be no uninsured employers, meaning all employers are legally obligated to provide their employees with workers' compensation insurance coverage. In addition, employers must submit payroll records - including both an accurate number of employees and their respective incomes - to both their workers' compensation insurance company and the Employment Development Department (EDD).

Governor Brown decides fate of several work comp bills over weekend

In workers' compensation defense news, employers and insurers across the state of California are lauding Governor Jerry Brown for vetoing a series of legislative measures over the weekend that they say would have raised work comp costs.

New OSHA/NIOSH guide discusses nail gun safety

If you go to any residential construction site either here in California or across the nation, you will more than likely see workers using nail guns for a variety of tasks from fastening shingles and attaching siding to installing framing. Whatever the purpose a nail gun is ultimately used for, it's extremely important for employers to recognize that despite their utility, nail guns present an elevated risk of serious work injuries.

WCRIB uses new method in calculating work comp rates

In workers' compensation defense news, California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones recently explained at a public hearing in Sacramento why his office is working with the Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB) to change the calculation of the state's workers' compensation pure premium rate.

Report shows wide spectrum of work comp claims in one California city

When it comes to workers' compensation claims involving local government employees, you would probably imagine a variety of work injuries that reflected the nature of the work being performed.

Senate Bill 684, which calls for greater employer protection in work comp arbitration, heads to Governor Brown

Today's workers' compensation defense post will examine the new law passed by the State Legislature, which strives to introduce both fairness and transparency to workers' comp arbitration.

Does a proposed bill require work comp benefits for babysitters?

In workers' compensation defense news, a new legislative measure designed to enlarge the legal protections of domestic workers throughout the state of California is already generating a significant degree of controversy - months before its potential passage.

OSHA launches heat-awareness campaign to help protect workers in record heat

As discussed in prior workers' compensation defense posts, it's extremely important for employers to implement the necessary work safety measures. Not only will this protect the health of employees, but it can also result in increased productivity and perhaps lower legal costs.

Northern California county considering radical work comp pilot program

Over the last few years, there has been a sustained call at the state capital to crack down on the number of uninsured employers, meaning those who fail to provide the requisite level of work comp coverage.

Report: State work comp systems show different prescribing patterns for pain meds

If an employee has suffered a serious work injury, they will more than likely have to spend time away from their position and undergo comprehensive medical treatment that may or may not include physical therapy. In addition, the injured employee may also need certain medications such as anti-inflammatories and/or narcotics to help manage their pain.

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