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2 California workers involved in deadly jobsite accident

On-the-job accidents take many forms, whether they involve motor vehicle accidents in construction zones or repetitive strain injuries that occur in office spaces. For injured employees, a long road to recovery may lie ahead. In Los Angeles, and across the state of California, injured workers may experience financial problems due to missing work or costly medical bills. Furthermore, they may have debilitating pain and mental trauma following a workplace accident, which highlights the importance of taking action.

A whistleblower's rights and protections

California employees who notice wrongdoings in their workplace may be tempted to become a whistleblower in order to call attention to the issues at hand. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, provides protection for those people so they do not have to fear backlash from employers for calling them out. Additionally, whistleblowers have rights to keep them protected, as well.

What is a whistleblower?

Workers in California like you have the right to carry out your jobs in a safe environment where you don't fear for your safety, life, or job security. So what happens if your upper management is making attaining those things impossible?

If your employee tests positive for marijuana use

Employers in California have a responsibility to their employees to provide a safe workplace, but if an employee is hurt on the job, it is the workers’ compensation insurance that covers the costs related to the injury. Carrying this insurance saves a company money, but the high costs of claims may drive up the rates. This factor makes it important to ensure that worker claims are valid, and that injuries are caused by a compensable incident.

What can I do if my work injury claim is denied?

If you are a worker in California, you may have concerns about the proper reporting of workplace injuries. In some cases, your claim may be denied if a particular injury is not considered to be worthy of coverage. To this end, there are steps you can take to appeal your denial, which is imperative for getting the compensation necessary to make a recovery.

Top industries for fatal work injuries

While most jobs carry some risk, there are certain industries that are more dangerous than others. The California Department of Industrial Relations found that 344 workers were killed on the jobsite during the year 2014. While the majority of the deaths occurred in the private sector, 38 of the total number were government jobs. There are many different industries that were involved.

Alternate worker’s compensation insurance options

The success of a company often depends on the business owner’s ability to make good decisions. When it comes to worker’s compensation, many employers may feel like they do not have a choice in the matter because of state regulations and laws. The State of California Department of Industrial Relations says that any company that hires employees must carry a worker’s compensation insurance policy with a premium rate determined by the specific industry, number of employees and past injuries of the business.

Injured workers and Social Security disability

In California, employees are hurt in the workplace on a daily basis. For some injured workers, different challenges may arise. For example, people may struggle with daily tasks because they have an inability to walk or drive. In Los Angeles, and other parts of the state, injured employees may also experience financial hardships due to missing work. However, some people claim they are in this position solely to take advantage of Social Security disability benefits.

Seeking assistance when an injured worker claim is suspicious

California workplaces are like all others in that, sometimes, mishaps occur on the job. In fact, there are certain industries that seem prone toward workplace accidents, such as construction or farming. Even in the average office space, it is not all that uncommon for an injured worker claim to be filed after an accident has occurred.

Man who filed injured worker claim caught defrauding the system

Employers are obligated to purchase insurance that provides compensation benefits to injured workers. When someone is hurt on the job and files an injured worker claim, the benefits received can help cover the cost of medical bills and also replace lost wages. However, when someone in California defrauds the system, it can have a negative affect on both other workers and employers alike.

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