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Employers: protect employers, yourselves from noise related injuries

According to a recent study from the National Public Health Institute of Quebec, regular exposure to high levels of noise in the workplace can contribute both to work-related hearing loss and workplace accidents. The study, which looked specifically at the impact of routine exposure to 100 decibels of noise, found that those in such work environments were over twice as likely to be hospitalized for work injuries.

Hospital owner's role in workers' comp fraud scheme exposed

In a prior post, we highlighted the indictment of California State Senator Ron Calderon based on accusations that he accepted bribe money from a Long Beach hospital owner in exchange for legislative favors. Essentially, Calderon pledged his support for proposals that would hinder or stall changes in state workers’ compensation laws with regard to how health care providers are reimbursed for performing spinal procedures.

State senator accused of workers' comp fraud

Corruption in politics is a running joke among comedians, but the situation involving State Sen. Ron Calderon is no laughing matter. The Democratic senator who represents several southeastern Los Angeles suburbs, including Bell Gardens and Montibello, has been accused of workers' compensation fraud.

One foot makes the difference in workers' comp appeal

An injured casino worker is likely celebrating the ruling handed down by a New Jersey appellate court regarding her workers’ compensation claim. The court ruled that her employer, Harrah’s Casino, would be responsible for the cost of her injuries pursuant to her claim. She was injured as she was leaving the casino parking garage. She was turning onto a street from the garage when her SUV was hit by another car.

California workers' compensation fraud scheme uncovered

A California man who previously owned a local hospital admitted his guilt in committing workers' compensation fraud. The U.S. Attorney's Office filed the charges against the man for ongoing fraudulent billing for monetary gain in association with patients referred by specialists to the hospital for spinal surgeries. He pleaded guilty to providing bonus commissions to other parties in association with a federal health care program as well as conspiracy as a part of his deal. Business owners accused of workers' compensation fraud may choose to closely investigate all options for defending themselves against the allegations.

California man sentenced for workers' compensation fraud

Workers' compensation fraud is considered a very serious crime even if it is attempted with good intentions. An employer who is accused of defrauding the state or federal government could be responsible for heavy restitution and jail time if found to be liable. Recently, a California psychologist admitted in court to workers' compensation fraud and apologized for fraudulent actions against the government, including over billing for workers' compensation claims.

Chiropractor sentenced for workers' compensation fraud

A California business owner who is accused of workers' compensation fraud may feel a myriad of emotions as they face a gruesome investigation. If an employer is found guilty, they may choose to seek help in minimizing fines and protecting business assets as best as possible. A chiropractor was recently investigated, convicted and sentenced for workers' compensation fraud for certain practices in his place of business.

California company accused of workers' compensation fraud

Recently a California medical equipment company was accused of workers' compensation fraud and four men face serious allegations and potentially long-term consequences. Reports indicate that a physical therapy machine and the use of different company names may have been the catalyst for their accused workers' compensation fraud. Employers who faces extensive accusations for a serious crime that may or may not have been committed may choose to fully investigate their options.

California company's employer defense against accusations

A California manufacturing food company that provides fresh produce for a number of large fast food chains and food providers across the nation is facing strong accusations and an attempt at unionization with a strong employer defense. Many workers have publicly denounced the company and claimed unsafe conditions. A company that is facing harsh accusations of unfair labor practices and denying workers' compensation when necessary may choose to prepare an employer defense to protect the business.

California radiologists sued for workers' compensation fraud

Workers' compensation fraud can seem like an easy and anonymous way to bring in extra money to a business. However, this high-risk practice can have devastating financial consequences for a business owner when caught and confronted with legal action. Recently, two radiologists and their companies were sued for workers' compensation fraud and illegal billing practices.

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